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Name Titel
Magnus Graf 'In-operando' NMR- Spectroscopy of Li-Ionen Batteries
Özgür Aslanbas Synthesis and Characterization of Metal Alloys for Anode Materials of Metal-Air Batteries
Xiaochao Wu Lithium ion batteries with high voltage inverse spinel cathodes
Marc Paulus

Lithium diffusion in solid state electrolytes

Deniz Cihan Gündüz Cationic Solid Electrolytes - Synthesis, Processing, Analysis and Characterization
Trutz Theuer Development of optimized oxygen electrodes for co-electrolysis
Lucy Dittrich Tailoring of the Synthesis Gas composition during High Temperature Co-Electrolysis
Ansgar Kretzschmar

Synthesis and characterization of electrodes for the electrochemical activation of CO2

Chunguang Chen Interfacial Issues Involved Degradation in Si-Based Thin-Film Li-Ion Micro-Batteries
Ming Jiang

Construction of a thin-film all-solid-state battery by metal-organic CVD

Lei Zhou

Design and synthesis of efficient cathode materials for high-performance lithium-sulfur batteries

Markus Gehring Production and electrochemical Characterisation of efficient Cathodes for Metal-Air Batteries
Sabrina Heuer Correlation between defect structure and catalytic activity in perovskites materials
Maike Wirtz Ceramic-Polymer Hybrid Electrolytes for All-Solid-State Lithium-Ion Batteries
Li-Chung Kin

Monolithic self-sustaining photovoltaic (PV)/battery for autonomous connected devices

Markus Nohl Modeling of the high-temperature co-electrolysis

completed Phd-theses

Name Titel
Venkatesh Sarda Integrating Degradation Effects Into Lifetime Prediction Models for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Léonard Kröll

Modeling of degradation phenomena in a SOFC anode

Saffet Yildiz

High-temperature electrochemical metal / metal oxide batteries for central and de-central stationary storage“ (BMBF- project MeMO)

Martin Süfke

Low Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance on Lithium Ion Batteries

Daniel Hanß

Development of Impedance Spectroscopy Methods for LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 cathodes in Li-Ion-Batteries

Shicheng Yu

Design and synthesis of nanostructure LiFePO4 for lithium-ion batteries with high capacity, high power density and long cycle life

Andreas Mertens- von Rüden Multi-scale analysis of lithium-ion mobility in solid-state batteries by NMR and impedance spectroscopy
Zhi-Yuan Wang

Efficient and bifunctional nano-scale electro-catalysts for metal-air batteries

Yasin Emre Durmus Electrochemistry of Metal-air Batteries: Influence of environmental conditions on battery performance
Kevin Schiemann

Chrome poisoning of non-manganese containing cathode materials for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs)

Arvid Niemöller

In situ Measurement of PEM Fuel Cells with EPR Spectroscopy

Ruoheng Sun

High-voltage Lithium Manganese Spinel cathode material for Lithium-ion Batteries

Steffen Alexander Kayser

'In-operando' characterization of transport and transformation reactions in metal/air-battery systems and fuel cells

Henning Weinrich

Cathodes for resource-efficient metal-air batteries

Anja Paulus

Preparation and electrochemical characterization of solid state electrolytes for lithium ion batteries

Simone Köcher

Simulation of static and dynamic magnetic resonance parameters for solid mixed conductors