Semester Dates


Re-enrollment, listening to lectures, submitting exams - what you can do and when during the semester is available here in an overview. Photo: Martin Braun

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First-Year Orientation

First year students

Guides for your first few weeks at our university with welcome events, city rallys, and mentoring groups. Photo: Andreas Schmitter

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The fee for the next semester is due?  Here you can find out how much to pay and where to transfer it to.  Please remember to re-enroll on time, so that you can continue to study without a hitch.

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Formal Matters
Student lying on the grass under a tree

Leave of Absence

A semester abroad is coming up?  Or are you doing an internship soon?  On this page you can find out for what reasons you can take a leave of absence from RWTH Aachen. Photo: Martin Braun

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Stack of books

University Placement Swap

You got a university placement but want to study something else? Find someone, who will switch placements with you. Photo: Martin Braun

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Black pen lying on forms

Transferring to Another Degree Program

Do you want to transfer to another degree program? Here you find, how to do so.

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Request form for semester of leave

Termination of Enrollment

Application for termination of enrollment, process, contact persons

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Dual Enrollment

Studying two courses of study simultaneously - it is possible at RWTH Aachen. However, you should be aware of a few things if you decide to do so.

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Exams & Final Theses

"Exam in progress" sign

Registration and cancellation, withdrawal, accomodations for disabled and chronically ill students - all regulations, forms, and advising information is available here. Photo: Martin Braun

Student Research


research programs are available during your studies at RWTH Aachen.

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Teaser: International
A globe

Why Study Abroad?

Language courses, foreign cultures, glances at exciting teaching and research - a stay abroad during your studies is worth it.  We will show you how to make it to the country of your choosing.

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Ausland written on a chalkboard

Planning for Study Abroad

Finding the appropriate program, enrolling at the host university, formalities - you should know all this when planning a semester abroad.

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Different brochures

International Experience at RWTH

Intercultural education without studying abroad - We will show you, how you can gather international experiences without leaving Aachen.

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Chair in front of a window

Planning for Study Abroad

Studies, internship, or final thesis? Find the study abroad that is right for you.  We will gladly help.

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Child's toy

Study Abroad with a Child

What do I need to think about if I am going abroad next semester and have a child? Tips & tricks are available here.

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Students in a lecture hall

Course guide, information on seminars, bridge courses - an overview of classes. Photo: Martin Braun

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Scholarships & Funding

Two female students talking

Are you looking for a scholarship? We will show you where to apply. Photo: Thilo Vogel

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Online Services

Students with notebooks

W-LAN, eduroam, user administration TIM, software portal for students, CAMPUS-Office, eLEarning witht L2P - important network services at a glance. Photo: Martin Braun

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Practical Hints & Tips

RWTH Aachen Blue Card

Libraries, study rooms, RWTH Blue Card functions - useful information at a glance. Photo: Martin Braun

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Academic Transcripts

RWTH Aachen example diplomas

Bachelor's and Master's diplomas - how long it takes to get them, what they look like, and answers to frequently asked questions

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Doctoral Studies

doctoral candidate with doctoral hat

Do you want to continue researching after your studies?  We can show you what opportunities RWTH Aachen offers its doctoral studies: from scholarship programs to further skills trainings. Photo: Thilo Vogel

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Students working in a group

Your degree is in the bag, and your future awaits you - We can help you with your applications, find your first job, and point you to further training opportunities and business fairs.

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Extracurricular & Leisure Activities

Athletes legs

Leave a lecture and enjoy your free time! Whether University Sports, orchestra, or volunteering - life in Aachen has a great deal to offer, so that time spent outside of studying is never boring.

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