Yasin Emre Durmus


Electrochemistry of Metal-air Batteries: Influence of environmental conditions on battery performance

Metal-air Battery Copyright: Y. E. Durmus

Metal-air batteries are receiving much attention in the field of battery research, due to the advantages of possessing high energy densities as well as using safe, low cost and abundant materials. The biggest advantage of these batteries is using oxygen from the air as a reactant in the battery. However, it might bring along the problems of contaminations, side reactions etc. To investigate that problem, this PhD project focusses on the influence of the environmental conditions on battery performance of metal-air batteries, e.g. Silicon-air, Aluminium-Air and Iron-air batteries.

To investigate the influence of temperature, H2O and CO2 contents in the air, the electrochemical characterization of metal-air batteries will be performed in special climate chambers by means of chronoamperometry, galvanostatic cycling, cyclic voltammetry and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. Another fundamental understanding of mechanisms, such as the characterization of the processes at the electrode-electrolyte interfaces, development of overpotentials will be done in close cooperation with the partners. The aim of this work is, on the basis of the results, to develop a qualitative model which describes the existing limitations on the battery performance of metal-air