Özgür Aslanbas


Synthesis and Characterization of Metal Alloys for Anode Materials of Metal-Air Batteries

Representation of a metal-air battery and its operation principle Copyright: Ö. Aslanbas

The current challenge in the field of battery research is to develop battery materials for portable and stationary applications with high energy density and high cycle-life as well as with reduced sizes.

Li-ion batteries dominated the research as well as the battery market due to their high energy and power densities. However, low abundance of Lithium reserves and environmental concerns may limit further expansion of the applications in the future.

Another promising battery concept, with energy densities even higher than for Li-ion batteries, are metal-air batteries. The systems use a metal compound as the anode-fuel and porous carbon layer for the catalysis of atmospheric oxygen as the cathode (Figure 1). These types of batteries are resource efficient and can provide sustainable devices.

In the scope of this PhD project; anode materials with high activity, sufficient conductivity, low self-discharge and high energy density for rechargeable metal-air batteries will be developed from abundant metals and metallic compounds.