Research focus


In that respect, improved materials and novel concepts are developed in a target-oriented approach by establishing multi-scale (defect)structure - property relationships. For that purpose, a number of dedicated techniques to study electrochemical cells 'in-situ' and 'in-operando' are employed.

relevant systems:

  • advanced Lithium-ion batteries (solid electrolytes, aliovalently-doped and composite electrodes, etc.)
  • post-Lithium batteries (metal-air, alkali-ion, etc.)
  • solid-oxide fuel cells (hydrogen-conducting electrolyte, etc.)
  • high-temperature electrolysis and co-electrolysis

relevant topics:

  • aliovalently-doped and non-stoichiometric mixed ionic-electronic conductors (MIEC) with tailored charge-transport properties
  • porous structures for air cathodes in metal-air cells
  • oxygen reduction and evolution catalysts (metal-oxygen based core-shell particles replacing noble-metals)
  • developing dedicated 'in-situ' & 'in-operando' multi-modal spectroscopic and microscopic techniques
  • multi-scale observation of aging mechanisms to develop reliable strategies for accelerated life testing and life-time prediction

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