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At the Institute fundamental issues in technologically relevant concepts for energy storage:

  • High-performance lithium-ion batteries
  • High-energy lithium-ion batteries
  • Metal-air batteries
  • Lithium-free battery concepts

and energy conversion:

  • High-temperature fuel cell (SOFC)
  • High-temperature electrolysis (SOEC)
  • Piezoelectrics

are examined.

The focus is on the elucidation of (defect) structure - property relationships. Currently we are mainly interested in the following questions:

  • Charge and mass transfer in mixed ionic / electronic conducting nanoscale oxide materials and glasses
  • Defect chemistry and non-stoichiometry in oxide functional materials as a function of doping with aliovalent ions
  • Electrocatalysis of oxygen reduction and oxidation in metal-air batteries and fuel cells
  • Elucidation of the thermodynamics and kinetics of interfacial reactions
  • Mechanistic understanding of aging processes technologically-related components (battery, fuel cell, ...). On this basis, development of methods for life time prediction and accelerated testing.