Lecture of material and processes of electrochemical energy storage and conversion and other lectures by Prof. R.-A. Eichel

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Qualification theses

Actual themes for master- and Phd-thesis

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Summer School JESS 2018

The Joint European Summer School (JESS) offers a comprehensive introduction into fuel cell, electrolysis and battery technology, whereby only one of the below given modules can be selected.

The summer school can be attended as an optional subject within the master of science class in chemistry (3 CP). The teaching language is English. Assessment of examination is performed at the end of the summer school, either as an oral or written exam (60 min).


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Job vacancies

You can find offers for student research projects and theses here

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Day of Electrochemistry

The IEK-9 day of electrochemistry  focuses on basic issues of electrochemistry.Theoretical basics,characterization and evaluation methods, as well as concepts for electrochemical energy conversion and storage will be mainly dealt with.

The topics will be selected and presented by thePhd- students of IEK-9

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HiTEC is the joint graduate school of Forschungszentrum Jülich with RWTH Aachen University and other universities in the area of energy and climate research.

HiTEC theme days are designed to introduce graduate students insubject areas related disciplines and thus to support interdisciplinary collaborations.

The scientific topics are presented by scientists of the institute,as well as external experts.

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