Master Theses

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Eric Tröster


Electrochemical characterization of time-dependent degradation phenomena


completed master theses

Name Title
Andreas Mertens TDM enhanced Electrochemical impedance Spectroscopy for the investigation of Lithium- Ion batteries
Marc Paulus NMR spectroscopic investigation of the solid-state Li-ion conductor Li10GeP2S12
Anja Hoffmann High-Voltage Lithium Manganese Spinel Cathode Material for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Arvid Niemöller

In situ Measurement of PEM FuelCells with EPR Spectroscopy

Onur Bakirmann Porous Anodes for Iron-Air Batteries
Simon Jakobi

Investigation on the effect of differently orientated p- and n-type Si-wafers on the efficiency of Si-air-batteries using an ionic liquid for electrolyte

Yu Duan Preparation and Characterization of Electrode Materials for Metal-Air Batteries
Xin Gao

Preparation and Characterization of Li1.3Al0.3Ti1.7(PO4)3 Electrolyte Materials for All-Solid-State Lithium-ion Batteries

Sven Jovanovic

Raman spectroscopy and imaging of electrode materials

Jörg Ackermann

Characterization of porous cathode materials using methods of NMR

Daniel Kröger

Structural and electrochemical investigation of carbonized air-cathodes

Markus Gehring

Investigation of porous iron anodes for iron-air batteries

Maike Wirtz

Synthesis and characterization of cubic-stabilized, garnet-type solid state electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries

Trutz Theuer

Electrochemical characterization of differently doped lanthanum based perovskite electrodes and their durability towards chromium poisoning

Sabrina Heuer

Manufacturing and characterization of lithium lanthanum zirconate solid state electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries

Cinar Karacan

Examination of mixed ion-electron conducting cathode materials for SOFC

Lucy Dittrich

Electrochemical processes of the high temperature co-electrolysis

Markus Nohl

Development of a parameter matric for the prediction and application of product gas compositions in high-temperature co-electrolysis

Christoph Roitzheim

Electrochemical characterization of the non-aqueous Si–air batteries under different operating conditions

Simon Kammler

Synthesis and characterization of iron substituted garnet type solid state electrolytes for lithium ion batteries

Sophia Brauksiepe

Sol-Gel Synthesis of Garnet-Type Tantalum Substituted Li7La3Zr2O12

Esther Jaekel

Boundaries of co-electrolysis

Ifeanyichukwu Daniel Unachukwu

Synthesis and characterization of A-site substituted Lanthanum Nickelates as oxygen Electrodes for Solid Oxide cells

Stefanie Wolf

Boundaries of high-temperature co-electrolysis towards CO2-electrolysis

Jenifar Mazumder

Contact loss simulation of SOFC/SOEC in COMSOL

Kira Henke

Investigation of Catalyst Deposition on Carbon Nanofibre Mats for CO2-Reduction Towards Formate

Bastian Rutjens

Tin oxide nanoparticles for CO2-reduction towards formate in aqueous electrolytes

Tobias Duyster

Investigation of the future potential of high temperature CO2-electrolysis

Tom Fischer

Optimization of CO2 adsorption selectivity and capacity of electrospun PAN-based carbon nanofibers

Renée Breuer

Preparation and characterization of green hybrid electrolytes based on starch and water-soluble lithium salts

Gaurav Raut

Modeling of equivalent circuits and their distribution of relaxation times to describe elementary processes in SOFC / SOEC