Andreas Mertens


Multi-scale analysis of lithium-ion mobility in solid-state batteries by NMR and impedance spectroscopy

Schematic depiction of the measurement techniques Copyright: A. Mertens

Increasingly powerful batteries are becoming ever more ubiquitous in our everyday lives. They were the basis for the mobile revolution and now also begin to change the transportation sector. But still a huge obstacle is the safety of today’s lithium-ion batteries containing liquid electrolytes. To meet the high safety standards of the automotive industry, expensive monitoring and assistance systems are used, which prevent the widespread use of electrical vehicles so far. One possible solution to tackle the safety issue could be the use of solid-state batteries, containing a solid-state electrolyte. However, the molecular kinetic of these batteries is only rudimentary understood. The aim of this thesis is to investigate the ion-transport in solid-state batteries over multiple length-scales by combining magnetic resonance and impedance spectroscopy. Thereby, the basis for a knowledge based optimization of the material properties should be laid.