Yu Duan


Preparation and Characterization of Electrode Materials for Metal-Air Batteries

SEM-image of the cross section of an Al-PE anode compacted at 80 MPa Copyright: IEK-9 SEM-image of the cross section of an Al-PE anode compacted at 80 MPa

Metal-Air batteries are promising and attractive energy storage systems for mobile and stationary applications due to their high theoretical energy densities. Abundant metals, such as silicon and aluminum can be employed as the anode of metal-air batteries. To increase the power density and to reduce the self-corrosion of such anodes, they can be synthesized by cold compaction of the metallic powders with high surface area, binders and corrosion inhibiting additives.

In the scope of this master thesis, the anodes for metal air batteries with high active surface area will be prepared via powder compaction. The compaction process will be optimized to satisfy the above-mentioned requirements. The porosity, compaction density as well as the microstructures of the anodes will be characterized with various analytical and microscopy techniques. In addition to that, the corrosion behavior of the anodes will be tested in different electrolytes. In further work, the anodes will be investigated with respect to their electrochemical properties and the discharge behavior in Al-air batteries.