Maike Wirtz


Synthesis and characterization of cubic-stabilized, garnet-type solid state electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries

Sol-gel synthesis Copyright: M. Wirtz Sol-gel synthesis

Over the last decades, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries became an essential component of mobile devices as well as energy storage systems. Currently liquid- or polymer-electrolytes are used for conventional lithium-ion batteries, which have some drawbacks, such as poor chemical stability, flammability and toxicity. These issues can be solved by using solid state electrolytes.

Among the solid state electrolytes metal oxides with garnet-type structure show promising properties. One example of such materials is Li7La3Zr2O12 (LLZ), which possesses high lithium-ion conductivity in a cubic modification.

This master thesis at the IEK-9 aims at the cubic stabilization of LLZ by substitution of metal cations. Therefore the focus is on the optimization of the sol-gel synthesis and characterization of the different products by X-ray powder diffraction and microscopic methods.