Sabrina Heuer


Correlation between defect structure and catalytic activity in perovskites materials

Picture of the unit cell of an orthorhombic perovskite Copyright: S. Heuer Picture of the unit cell of an orthorhombic perovskite

In times of the great energy revolution, sustainable and efficient energy storage and energy
conversion systems become increasingly important. These systems are based on conversion processes between chemical and electrical energy. Many of these energy conversion systems require further improvements especially in process efficiency. Limitations occur in particular due to the slow catalysis of oxygen reduction and oxygen oxidation processes (OER / ORR) on the oxygen electrodes of many systems.

During this thesis, perovskite mixed oxides with different stoichiometries, consisting of lanthanides and transition metals, should be synthesized, characterized and optimized. The material characterization should be performed via XRD, SEM and BET as well as TGA / DSC and dilatometer experiments. In order to investigate the suitability and performance of these materials as catalysts, various electrochemical methods will be applied. Possible fields of application of these materials include oxygen electrodes in metal-air batteries as well as in high-temperature fuel cells and electrolyzers, where the oxygen reduction and oxidation reactions (OER / ORR) are catalyzed.